Caption This: Student Engagement is Not a Guessing Game

Caption this photo.

IMG_20151228_122305 (1)

What does your caption mean? Is this student extremely bored, highly focused, or just a little tired?  How do we know when students are truly engaged in learning? Don’t leave it to chance!  This is the time of year when teachers have to change things up a bit to keep students engaged.

There are numerous videos, websites, books, and articles on this hot topic.  Edutopia recently compiled a list of resources that include specific tips for keeping students actively engaged in learning. Check out their Student Engagement: Resource Roundup.

If you are like me, you appreciate quick, easy -to- implement strategies.  I’ve helped teachers find success in this area of student engagement using, Total Participation Techniques and Tips and Tools: The Art of Experiential Facilitation. Both resources offer practical strategies that can be implemented within any content area or grade level.

Finally, click on any of the links below to explore structures that increase student engagement, decrease classroom management issues, and promote critical thinking and collaboration.

TPT Cards

Teaching Strategies for Participation

Real Classroom Ideas

Maintaining Active Engagement

Active Learning Strategies

Let me know if anything works for you!

By the way, the adorable little boy in the photo is my son during his open house. He was extremely tired :).

Dr. Joy

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  1. I love that tagline! And your little boy is adorable! Cheers!

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