Say Cheese: It’s Okay to Smile at Students

Okay parents, how many of you practice the “picture day smile” with your kids?  Well, if you won’t admit to actually practicing, you at least ask your kids to show you how they intend to smile for the camera. I absolutely ask!  Here is one of my favorite pictures from back in the day.

I wonder how often students and teachers are smiling in school, beyond picture day.  Some believe the old adage that a teacher’s smile is a sign of weakness and an invitation for behavior management issues.  Teresa Roberts points out,”If you implement classroom management strategies with a positive, caring spirit, you can smile from day one and not worry about being “eaten alive” by your students.” In her article, You Can Smile! Classroom Management Tips she discusses the importance of engagement, relationship building, and setting expectations.

So, how often do your learners smile? Better yet, how often do you smile in your classroom? Do not underestimate the power of a smile. It’s really a superpower!

Take a look at this video, The Hidden Power of Smiling, and consider the impact smiling could have on a learning environment.


Enjoy a Good Laugh

Humor has been shown to reduce students’ negative emotions

Humor in the Classroom

Laughter and Learning



Dr. Joy

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  1. Anonymous

    Totally agree! Smiling reduces stress for everyone involved. Including the teacher!

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