Big Fish: Ensuring Continuous Growth for all Students

One of my favorite movies ever is Big Fish. For me, it was one of those movies that I talked about for hours after I watched it because it was open to different interpretations. My intention is not to provide you with a movie review, but you should check it out.  The movie really zeroes in on this successful, larger than life type of character. We all know someone like that. It doesn’t take long to spot a big fish.  They’re the one with the natural charm.

Classroom Connection

Who’s the big fish in your classroom? This student seems to have it together emotionally, socially and academically. This type of learner appears to propel themselves through school with ease. We love our big fish and quickly grow to depend on their compliance and natural leadership skills. Sometimes we can depend on this student so much that we neglect the fact that they depend on us for continuous growth.

Picture this student. I know you have one in your classroom.  Read the following sentences and insert your student’s name in the blanks.

Is______hooked on learning?

Is______a committed or compliant learner?

What are _______’s academic goals?

What are _______’s personal goals?

How do I gather feedback from _______to ensure that their learning experiences are meaningful and relevant?

How much do I really know about _______?

Did I give you something to think about?  How well did you respond to the questions? I’ve had great discussions around this topic using the article  Even Geniuses Work Hard.  It really speaks to the importance of creating a classroom culture where all students  strive for continuous growth. We don’t want any of our students to feel like a big fish in a small pond. Would they feel like a fish out of water in a classroom setting where they were challenged to take academic risks? This is something to think about.

I encourage you to share these questions and article with your colleagues.

Have a great evening,

Dr. Joy

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