Walk in the Light Wednesday: Dance! Dance! Dance!

There are days when I have to remind myself, “Self, don’t be the wallflower at the dance.”

Wallflowers watch from a distance as everyone else is dancing, singing and being free. They want to be on that dance floor so badly, but can’t bring themselves to do it.  They spend the majority of the time  thinking about what everyone else is thinking and doing. Each time they hear the beat of a song they love, their heart wants to be more and more on that dance floor, but they stay tied to the wall, frozen with self-doubt. When they finally get the courage to get out and dance, the DJ shouts, “Last song!”

Don’t wait until the last song to get out and dance. Show our students the power of freedom from what others think, and the value of self-expression. Affirm to them that they have the ability to light up a dance floor with their unique and special moves.

See you on the dance floor,

Dr. Joy

Come back Sunday morning for my Weekly Dose of Joy.

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6 Thoughts to “Walk in the Light Wednesday: Dance! Dance! Dance!”

  1. What a great point – get out there and dance – be yourself. I enjoyed this shot of courage. Well done~

    1. drjoy

      Thank you Fran. We have to have the courage to walk in our light.

  2. I was a wallflower at the “literal” dances and still have severe fear of dancing. Yet I, as do most teachers, ask students to “dance,” to take chances and make moves that cause discomfort. We need to do that, too!

    1. drjoy

      Yes, Glenda. We have to model risk taking for our students.

  3. Carol Reinagel

    I love this! Is there any better to share/bring joy than dance? One of my students was dancing in the hall the other day as we waited for the Halloween parade to reach us. I looked over at him and watched him dance, watched the biggest smile he gave me and thought about how much it warmed my heart. We use “joy stations,:” as brain breaks, I think random , get up and dance, breaks will be an amazing adrenaline rush and mind focusing activity. Dance, like no one is watching! I loved this post.

    1. drjoy

      Hi Carol! There is freedom in dancing. I love watching students dance . I know your students would love random dance breaks. Thank you for reading and sharing your comments.

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