Refresh: Brace Yourself for the Triumphs and Challenges Ahead

Happy New Year!  I always see a new year as an opportunity to reinvent myself.  It’s like I have permission to hit the “refresh” button on my life.  Each year brings challenges and triumphs. Introspection allows me an opportunity to slow down and examine my thoughts, feelings and actions.  I would like to  take this opportunity to share my greatest lesson from 2016.

If the Dr. Joy of 2016 had to write a letter to 2017 Dr. Joy, it would say the following:








What would your 2016 self say to you today as you enter a new year of living and learning? What have you learned about yourself?  I love this article, The Lost Art of Introspection, because it reminded me that I must be intentional about creating space to self-reflect.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Join me throughout the month as I continue to share my thoughts and ideas on this topic.


Time to refresh,

Dr. Joy



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6 Thoughts to “Refresh: Brace Yourself for the Triumphs and Challenges Ahead”

  1. My OLW was going to be intent or intention because I felt like that was where I was falling short in my follow through. I very much enjoyed the link and will reread the Lost Art of Introspection many times in the next few days. I spent the winter break listening to Care of the Soul on Audio books and I am aware how far away from my center I have been the last few months. Thank you for the reminder that I will not master my life in a day—I put too much weight on each success or failure and forget it is the pattern and the momentum that get us to our destination.

    1. drjoy

      Hi Christine,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I am learning to be grateful for each day and each experience. We are a work in progress and will only get better through the good and the bad. Keep up the good work!

  2. Interesting question! I think my 2016 self would tell my 2017 self that it’s time to leave the comfort zone. Wishing you all the best in 2017!

    1. drjoy

      Hi Jennifer,
      Happy New Year! Stepping our of our comfort zone can be scary, but life transforming!

  3. I enjoy this about the new year too–it always feels like a fresh opportunity to start over, change course, right the ship. My One Little Word for 2017 is “daily” because I also want to focus on all the little things I can do each day to contribute to overall well-being, health, happiness, growth.

    1. drjoy

      Hi Elisabeth,
      Daily is a great OLW. In 2016 I spent way too much time thinking ahead. Each day has its own challenges but there is always so much to be grateful for.

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