Celebrating the Challenges

Special thanks to Dr. Rosa Perez-Isiah for being an amazing thought partner

How do you celebrate in the midst of challenges? When we are knee deep in a difficult challenge, it can almost seem unbearable, as if there is no way out.  We might think to ourselves, “Can I just cruise along for once in my life?” The answer to that is yes, but learning to overcome challenges fosters a growth mindset, brings meaning to any situation and can be life transforming.

As educators who are passionate about bringing joy to learning, one of our greatest challenges is keeping our joy in the midst of transitions, interruptions and disappointments. We have learned that dwelling on the difficulties simply puts a roadblock in front of progress. Yes, challenges bring a level of stress and more responsibility, but they certainly build character.

Learning to face challenges with confidence is key. Most importantly, we must look to ourselves for answers and not a quick fix point the finger type of solution. We have to have that “bring- it ” attitude.

A “bring-it” attitude not only requires confidence while facing challenges, but having the courage to acknowledge and celebrate them publicly and openly. We are communicating a great deal about ourselves while immersed in the stress of overcoming and making meaning of it all. How we handle adversity, how we handle others in the midst of adversity and transition, communicates volumes. It is where we work to find our joy and not surprisingly, where we achieve our deepest personal growth. A confident, “bring-it” attitude is the first step in celebrating and learning from our challenges.


Bring it,

Dr. Rosa & Dr. Joy

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