You Can’t Give Up:It’s That Simple

Commitment is the glue that bonds you to your goals.

-Jill Koenig

On our way to reaching our goals we face opposition and trials that can simply make us want to quit.  I want to tell you about this amazing woman named Estelle Armstead. I am proud to call her mom.  At the young, beautiful age of 69 she has decided to go back to school and complete her degree in nursing. Doesn’t she look absolutely overjoyed! Her road has not been easy. She raised 7 children.  Through the decades, striving to earn a bachelor’s degree has been beyond challenging and even seemed out of reach. In 2009, she became a caretaker to my father after he suffered a massive stroke. Despite this unexpected detour, she was determined that they would  continue to have a good life. I am so proud of her commitment and courage.  She willed my father back to health with her love, devotion and “heart” work, and I know she will bring these gifts to her patients.

How many of us navigate the road to our goals with courage and commitment? I am striving to lose the are we there yet attitude. This within itself is a challenge and requires a mindset shift. Understanding that the experiences, challenges, wins and defeats along the way  is where the magic happens allows us to focus on continuous growth and progress. Most importantly, I have learned to stay connected to sources of encouragement, strength and motivation. I am inspired by other educators who are boldly working as change agents to create the best learning environments for our students. What are your sources of inspiration?

Motivation is fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.

-Stephen R. Covey

Motivation is the key factor and it must come from within.  My mother has 7 children who are able and willing to work together to take care of her and my dad, but her fire and determination keeps her focused on her goal. She boldly told us that SHE will let us know when she needs help. As for now we will continue to be her sources of encouragement and she continues to be my source of inspiration.

I wanted to inspire you today as you progress toward your goals. Keep up the good work and remember that the race is not given to the swift but those who endure to the end. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Stay on your hustle,

Dr. Joy



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2 Thoughts to “You Can’t Give Up:It’s That Simple”

  1. Carol Reinagel

    What a beautiful story. Her 7 successful children are a reflection of her and her determination. Thanks for sharing! Keep the fire burning, especially during the darkest of times.

    1. drjoy

      Thank you Carol. She is a jewel. You are a powerful and passionate voice and I continue to be inspired by you.

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