My dad gave me the nickname Joy because he said I was his pride and joy.  I bet there were some days he second- guessed that decision (somewhere when I was between the ages of 12-25). He would be so excited to know that I’ve decided to use this blog as an opportunity to bring my joy (his Joy) to learning with others.

Novelist Taylor Caldwell stated,”Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life’s greatest adventure; it is an illustrated excursion into the minds of the noble and the learned.”  This blog is an opportunity for me to provide a platform for educators to connect through the joy of learning.

When educators capture or recapture the joy of teaching and learning, students are impacted in ways that transcend the classroom. This blog will have one guiding question, How can our schools be places of joy?  We can go so many directions with that one. So lean in. I look forward to learning with you.

Warm regards,

Dr. Joy



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  1. Hi Dr. Joy, Your Dad gave you a beautiful nickname. And you have a beautiful blog here as I’ve enjoyed the peek around. Learning and seeking knowledge gives an exhilarating feeling. I hope to learn more from your posts. Cheers. 🙂

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