I am so excited to share Dr. Joy Blog Radio, a podcast dedicated to inspiring others to use their gift to make a difference.  At the very beginning of 2018, I made a commitment to use my voice to empower and inspire others. Most importantly, I wanted to be more courageous. This podcast gives me the opportunity to do just that as well as connect with other passionate and joyful educators. Just to think…all I needed was a computer, microphone and the courage to jump in! I was inspired by so many educational leaders on Twitter who use their podcasts to share content and empower others.  A few of my favorite include:

Leadership with Latoya (latoyadixon5)

We Lead Ed (@Rosaisiah)

The Dr. Will Show (@iamDrWill)

Shift Your Paradigm (@zeigeran @ShiftParadigmPC)

StartEdUP (@DonWetrick)

I have some amazing guests lined up for this first season. If you are interested in being a guest on the podcast, please contact me at drjoyblog@gmail.com.

Join in the conversation, and watch the joy unfold!

Yours truly,

Dr. Joy