We Were Them…Then: A Reflection

My 6- year- old son, Christopher, was just bouncing around the house one day. This particular day was rough, and I was emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained. To make matters worse, Christopher had a marker in his room and it bled through his bed sheets. Frustrated and at my wit’s end, I looked at him and said, “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO MAKE A MESS!” He looked at me with an equal level of frustration and said, “I’M 6, HOW CAN I NOT MAKE A MESS!” That response stopped me in my tracks. I remembered not too long before that day working on a project at my office and getting hot glue all over a table. So, I took a deep breath, picked Christopher up, and he cried in my arms. Now, I am a sucker for this little boy, but I also realized at that moment that we were both just drained.

Student Voice: The Journey Begins on Day 1

When I was a classroom teacher, I would start getting a little anxious around  mid-August as I anticipated the upcoming school year. Mostly, I  was excited for the opportunity to reinvent myself. I realized today that I pretty much always started the first day of school the same. I spent a big chunk of the day involved in the following activities: Finding adequate space for the abundance of hand sanitizer, tissue boxes and storage bags Helping students organize binders and label already color-coded folders Taping name tags on desks once…